Vova has been engaged in self-development since he was a child. He played chess, read books, studied financial literacy, and much more.

Only a lazy person in Ukraine had not heard of Vova. One day, he hacked the Pentagon and posted a virus with erotica. Pentagon workers couldn’t start working for two months.

Vova had murdered 1,024 terrorists, created 17 inventions for military hardware, and saved about a million lives. He is on the international wanted list as extremely dangerous.

His motives for going to Mars are simple, if not him, then who?


Logan is a professional killer. He’s feared, respected, but most of all loved for his sense of humor. Before Logan's arrival, no one could even think that a monkey could choke on a banana and die from it live on the First Channel of the country.

His only interest is money; he never worked for the government before. But now they offer a lot. And not in some wrappers, like the American dollar, but real Zimbabwean dollars.


Since early childhood, Luke has liked to play computer games. He was an avid nerd; most of all, he loved to play shooters. But, sometimes, he played Axie Infinity, too.

Three years ago, he became a cyber athlete and participated in a tournament on Portnite. He got disqualified from the tournament final for using cheats (one player cannot press buttons that fast). And nobody cared that he was an octopus with 8 arms.

The following year, with the new rules, Luke took first place not only in Portnite but also in all other shooters. Now he is the highest-paid cyber athlete.

The authorities of his country were interested in him and sent him to Mars as an experiment. All of the necessary knowledge was import into his head by a microchip. Now Luke can shoot well, not only in games.


Erica. She got her breasts at 18 and her brains at 20. Those were the best two years of her life.

During these years, she wrote excellent research papers; until those papers started to be checked by women.

Erica no longer wants to waste her life by studying and working. She wants adventure, lots of fun, and to never worry about tomorrow.


Chloe grew up in New York: the city of sin and depravity. From an early age, she had to work, but there was not enough money.

Chloe grew up in New York: the city of sin and depravity. From an early age, she had to work, but there was not enough money.

Chloe used to rob banks; now she will rob Martians.


After a hard workday on Friday, Michel, per usual, decided to relax with friends, but he had too much alcohol. Drunk, he volunteered for Mars, and when he woke up, he could already see the Earth through the porthole.

Within 5 minutes, Michel mentally reviewed all cryptopunks he collected for 15 years. In the next 10 minutes, he found answers to all his questions, so he really wanted to come back home alive.


Heinz worked as a transporter for VIP clients. He is tired of this routine and stress. He wants to take two chances to change his life. The first one is to fly to war and hit a big jackpot – 1 million Zimbabwean dollars. The second is to go to Las Vegas and bet all-in on zero.

Everyone tells him about the stupidity of this idea, but he does not listen to anyone.


Hikaru grew up in Japan. Her parents were murdered in front of her when she was a child. She still does not know why they were murdered.

When Hikaru grew up, she became the head of the mafia. She knows no pity or love and kills her enemies with extreme cruelty. She has no worthy enemy on Earth, so she flies to Mars.


Jacob is a stand-up comedian. He makes everybody laugh. Tickets for his events are in high demand.

His speeches are always about sensitive topics like the artificial feminist movement, degradation through Teek Tok, NFT. But the president didn't like the joke about his Metaverse Real Estate.

There were too few volunteers for the war with the aliens. The authorities decided to get one volunteer by force. To do it, Foogl algorithms chose a lucky person for a flight to Mars, live on Saturday. "Randomly, the Foogl algorithm chose Jacob," - the president wrote on Tvipper.

Jacob wasn’t confused and replied on Tvipper: "I promise, the next president will have much bigger charisma."


Jurgen was born into the dirt and poverty. His childhood was tough, so he used to rap for money.

When Jurgen grew up, he realized one important thing: he won’t earn much by rapping. It’s the reason why he volunteered to go to Mars. The government promised to pay everyone one million Zimbabwean dollars in case of successful operation.


Sofia. All her life, she wanted to have a pet. But the artificial heart in her body prevented her from doing it. Animals felt it, and they didn’t like that.

In the summer of 2023, she took a chance and went to the pet store. But all the animals ran away from her. After that trip, her depression got even worse. Everyone has animals, but she is the only one without one.

Sofia wants to find a Martian cat and bring it to Earth.


William is an active CIA agent whose primary mission is to collect and analyze information about Martian activities.

In 2025, William plans to return home and resign. It’s his last mission.

After this mission, William will make the first social network that’ll contribute to the progress of the inhabitants of Earth.


Hanna worked on the magnetic motor together with a Ukrainian engineer. But the money to finance this project has run out.

Hanna is not going to Mars for money but so that everyone has access to free energy.


Naomi is a skilled and agile hunter. She travels around the world for exclusive trophies.

But this time, the prey has become the hunter, and she needs to make a move and show who has sharper teeth.


Ivy is a mother of three children. Her husband died three years ago in a plane crash.

She understands that too few volunteers are coming, self-interest takes over. Ivy wants her children to live, so she flies to Mars. The aliens must not reach Earth.


Benjamin is a doctor who has devoted his entire life to alternative medicine. In his life, he saved many lives. Rumors about him reached as far as Washington.

Wealthy and influential people often come to him, but he only treats the poor. Benjamin often refuses with these words: "Poor health is the main virtue of a single old billionaire."

His life goal is to unravel the secret of eternal life, and perhaps he’ll do that on Mars. Life there has somehow adapted to the harsh conditions of the planet.


Haruto is from the Koko Jambo tribe. There is only one language in his land - the language of power, the strongest one is right. The Koko Jambo tribe is hundreds of years behind the civilized world. For them, the usual Internet is already nanotechnology.

The threat from aliens does not let Haruto sleep well; he understands that if aliens come here, they will eat all the bananas.


Olga positions herself to the world as a start-upper. Her appearance attracts the attention of many "investors," she doesn't even need to speak. When she needs a new purse or shoes, she creates a new startup.

She once scammed a higher-level fraudster. How did that turn out for her? Now she's flying to Mars to shoot a movie, where she'll have lots of great costumes and handbags.


Thomas is the creator of a popular adult magazine. He is the alpha, drives expensive cars, flies to different countries every weekend, and girls follow him in droves.

But he has a competitor, another alpha male. According to the ALPHA PHORBS rating, they are neck and neck. Thomas made a bet with him that he would have a higher rating this year.

To win the argument, he chose an original way to achieve his goal - a PR stunt through a war on Mars. Only a true alpha would fight the aliens while others would hide in corners.


Zoé. She is the founder of Order Circus. Her team has been strengthening its positions over the years, and each year it captures the viewer's attention even more.

Here are some rules:
1) Training 6 days a week for 12 hours.
2) Meal only in the form of injections into the arm with an incomprehensible liquid.
3) Disputes with the administration are prohibited. It is always right.
4) All circus workers must wear muzzles.
5) A radio frequency identification microchip must be implanted in the body.

Zoé wants to get a real Martian to Earth and make it perform in the Circus.


Valera is an excellent family man who has two children. Five years ago, he paid his mortgage and planted a tree. He always paid taxes, was a law-abiding citizen. Valera does whatever the authorities say.

One day, Valera went out to get bread. There was a rally near the Pyaterochka, and on the way out, he was confused with radical extremists. The do-gooders packed Valera into a car and took him to the police station. The court found him guilty and sent him to Siberia to cut down the forest.

To wash the dirt off his name, Valera goes to war on Mars.


Philippe and his friends are professional ravers and clubbers. They have an impressive experience and do it for a living.

His job is to go to events with a pretentious face. Once, he got into the role so deep that he did not notice how his friends pranked him. They told him there is an event on Mars and sponsors need clubbers for a great paycheck. Philip didn’t want to lose his chance, so he asked in detail where the clubbers sit.

When Philippe entered the spaceship, he asked only one question: "How much will we get paid?" After hearing the answer, Philippe got excited and buckled down.


Ethan is a state employee; his life suits him. You don't need to think much, just do what they say above.

This Monday, Ethan is traveling for the first time. As usual, he used the Foogl map. But at the departure place, the search engine made a mistake and chose the wrong doors and the wrong path.

Ethan is asleep, he does not yet know that the ship has left Earth's orbit, and he’s not flying to Paris.


Yuri is a guest from outer space. His spaceship has crashed. After spending so much time on Earth, he liked it here. Therefore, he decided to stay.

Yuri likes to use his talent in amusement parks. He stops the time and gets twice as much popcorn than needed.

Yuri had a very complicated and responsible job on the Earth: he used to fill bags with spices. But the threat of an attack by Martians on Earth changed his life priorities.


Yamato has been working for the Japanese government for 30 years. What he does is classified.

According to official data, Yamato is flying to Mars to take samples of Martian bacteria, but no one knows whether this is true.

The only thing we know is that he was a bully in his youth and had great respect for the Abibas company. This past will stay with him forever.